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Adelson and Associates Insurance Consultants was formed to apply over 50 collective years of experience within the insurance and business industry to the benefit of its clients. Our commitment is to share this knowledge and provide independent, unbiased, practical and professional consulting advice.

We are a hands-on “roll up your sleeves” consulting firm pledged to provide the highest level of service and technical expertise in the insurance and related industry.
We sell no insurance products and we are not affiliated with any insurance provider or insurance company.
AAIC specializes in assisting corporations and institutions manage their damage insurance and group life-health insurance portfolios.

We carry out an unbiased audit of the client’s insurance needs with the objective of ensuring that they purchase only the appropriate insurance coverage and at the most competitive pricing available in the market place. We are not duty bound to find fault in our clients’ existing insurance programs.

We take no decisions on behalf of our clients; we put forward the best alternatives, thereby permitting the insured to make wise and educated choices of coverage and service providers.

*We are extremely proud of our accomplishments, and can provide references upon requests

  • Have your insurance costs gone up?
  • Are you sure you have the right insurance coverage?
  • Is your business expanding or downsizing? Will your insurance meet your
  • Is it time for competitive bidding?
  • Is your insurance program up for renewal? Can you allocate the numerous hours and resources to the process that your insurance portfolio deserves?
  • Do you get the feeling your current agent/broker takes you for granted or is not doing the job you expect from him/her?
  • Do agents and brokers constantly solicit you? Do you let them quote your insurance or not? Are they experienced enough in your industrial sector of activity?
  • Are you starting a new business and need the right insurance?
  • Are you in acquisition mode? Is insurance an issue?
  • Are you doing business internationally? Will your coverage respond?
  • Have you received bids from several agents? Do you know which bid is the best?
  • Are you having trouble getting a claim paid?
  • You want to be sure your policy covers a claim you are concerned about?
  • Are you selling your company, or some of it’s’ assets, and want to be sure your potentially old liabilities are covered? Will your current insurance protect you?
  • You are downsizing and need to outsource some functions?

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